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Why An Adjustable Base Will Transform Your Life

If you’ve never experienced sleeping on an adjustable bed frame, you have no idea what you’re missing! Elevating your mattress not only makes it super comfy for reading and watching TV, but an adjustable base is also great for improving your sleep and quality of life. Keep reading to find out how our adjustable bases can transform your life and then head to a Mark’s Mattress Outlet to purchase yours!

The Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Frame

It can be nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. A quality mattress helps, but waking up due to heartburn, back pain, or your partner’s loud snoring are all reasons for losing valuable sleep. By raising the head or foot of the bed, you can fix all these problems. Here are some great benefits of an adjustable base:

Relieves Back Pain

Laying flat puts pressure on the spine, so many sleep experts recommend putting a pillow under the knees and elevating the head with an extra pillow. But it can be annoying to try keeping a pillow in place all night — and we’ve all woken up with a crick in the neck after sleeping on too many pillows. With the click of a button, you can raise the head of the bed and place a bend in the mattress that allows the knees to bend, both of which relieve pressure on the spine and joints so you don’t wake up with pain.

Reduces Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Whether it’s you or your partner who snores or stops breathing due to sleep apnea, neither of you is getting much sleep on a flat mattress. Snoring and apnea episodes often happen when the upper airway gets blocked by throat tissue (often while laying on the back), so elevating the upper body with an adjustable bed frame is a great solution for keeping the airway open.

man on a bed sleeping while mouth openPrevents Acid Indigestion

It’s never a good idea to eat right before bed in case digestive juices want to come back up, which is especially possible if you have reflux or other digestive problems. Since laying flat allows stomach acid to move back up into the esophagus, we recommend an adjustable base to keep the upper body elevated above the stomach.

Encourages Circulation

Do you suffer from restless leg syndrome or feet swelling, or wake up with your legs asleep? Try sleeping on an adjustable base with your legs and upper body elevated. This  allows blood and body fluid to travel naturally through the body — a solution that reduces circulatory discomfort to help you stay asleep.

Why You’ll Love Sleep Natural’s Adjustable Bed Base

Mark’s Mattress created Sleep Natural mattresses to offer toxin-free sleep to our customers. The adjustable bases offered in the Sleep Natural line provide healthy, natural solutions to common sleep problems like sleep apnea and joint pain. Whether you need a twin, twin XL, queen or king adjustable base, you’ll find it in our Sleep Natural line.

Sleep Natural™ Gold Adjustable Base

With isolated head and neck support and four massage motors, this premium adjustable bed frame will have you sleeping soundly all night. It has four preset options including Zero Gravity, TV, Flat, and Custom, and a Custom Sync System to allow 2 remotes to work together if you have a split king adjustable base.

Sleep Natural™ Silver II Adjustable Base

This wall-hugger allows for convenient placement anywhere in your bedroom. The wireless remote lets you lift the head and foot of your bed, and the indulgent massage feature relaxes you into dreamland. It has the same preset options as our Gold model.

Sleep Natural™ Silver Adjustable Base

Also a wall hugger, this adjustable bed frame has offers indulgent massage options, a flashlight, and the same four pre-set options as Silver II.

Sleep Natural™ Bronze Adjustable Base

With USB ports and underneath lighting, you’ll love this adjustable bed frame whether you’re sleeping or just resting after a long day. It has four pre-set options including Zero Gravity, TV, Flat and Anti Snore.

woman waking up while sitting on her bed and arms stretched upwardsDiscover Which Sleep Natural Adjustable Bed Frame is Right For You. Visit Mark’s Mattress Today!

When you’re ready to lose the back pain, improve snoring, and just sleep more soundly, head to one of our stores near you and we’ll help you choose the perfect adjustable base to fit your needs and budget. There are too many advantages of an adjustable bed to keep sleeping on a flat mattress, so shop today to get better sleep tomorrow!


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