Marks Matress has several adjustable beds to meet your style and budget

Mark’s Mattress Outlet Saves You More Money On Adjustable Beds

Have you heard about the benefits of adjustable beds? Sleeping on the right mattress along with an adjustable base can improve your sleep by relieving pain, improving circulation and more. Mark’s Mattress Outlet carries a variety of adjustable bases that can transform your mattress into a custom-fit bed. Learn about the benefits of the right adjustable bed and how you can get a great deal on one today!

The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

An adjustable base can transform the way you sleep by allowing you to raise the head or foot of the bed. Along with the right mattress, an adjustable base can help:

  • Reduce indigestion since laying flat allows stomach acid to settle into the esophagus. Sleeping with the head of the bed raised prevents the acid from coming back up.
  • Relieve back and joint pain since laying flat on a mattress puts pressure on the spine. Adjusting the bed so you lay on an incline or bend the knees takes pressure off.
  • Eliminate snoring and help with sleep apnea since lying flat causes the airway to close. An adjustable bed allows you to elevate the upper body so the airway stays open. Breathing better throughout the night can definitely improve sleep!
  • Encourage blood and fluid circulation to improve restless leg syndrome and edema, since. Just as doctors tell you to keep your foot elevated to reduce swelling if you have a sprained ankle, sleeping with the bottom of the bed elevated keeps fluid from pooling in your legs during the night.

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Mark’s Offers a Variety of Adjustable Bases

No matter what your sleep needs and budget are, Mark’s has the perfect adjustable bed base to complement your mattress.

Sleep Natural™ Gold Adjustable Bed Base

Sleep Natural Gold Adjustable Base

With three power motors, custom massage features, an isolated head and neck support system, wireless remotes and underneath lighting, this wall-hugging adjustable base will help lull you to sleep night after night.  

Sleep Natural Silver Adjustable Base

With two power motors and custom massage features as well as programmable settings and a flashlight, this base will pair perfectly with your favorite mattress.

Sleep Natural Silver II Adjustable Base

Who doesn’t love the idea of a wireless remote that lets you lift and lower your bed to a comfortable position? This wall-hugger also massages and offers underneath lighting.

Sleep Natural™ Bronze Adjustable Bed Base

Sleep Natural Bronze Adjustable Base

From lounging to sleeping, this adjustable base will improve your comfort with the ability to lift and lower the head and foot of your bed. It has two power motors and also has USB ports and underneath lighting.

Sleep Natural Elevation With Power

Three pre-set positions and available custom programming makes this adjustable base a smart choice for anyone who loves comfort.

Mark’s Has the Perfect Adjustable Base for You at a Great Price!

If you’ve been wondering how to sleep better, now is a great time to shop at Mark’s. We can help you create the best adjustable bed for your sleep needs, because now when you buy a Sleep Natural mattress, you can upgrade to an adjustable base for only $150! So check out our selection of Sleep Natural beds and adjustable bases online or in stores today!

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