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The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric over Cotton

If you haven’t already noticed, fabrics made from bamboo are popping up in everything from clothing to upholstery. At first, this might seem a little confusing since most of us recognize bamboo as a wood-like material that’s rugged to the touch. Unlike cotton, which we have been conditioned over time to associate with softness and warmth, bamboo initially may seem like it wouldn’t have any of the same desirable qualities, right? But actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To prove it, we’ve put together the following comparison of cotton and bamboo just to demonstrate how many things bamboo can do as well as cotton, including some things it can do even better.

Is Bamboo Really As Soft As Cotton?

Many people have compared the softness of bamboo fabric to that of cashmere since the fiber itself is naturally round and doesn’t have any sharp spurs that could otherwise irritate the skin. And while we’re on the topic of skin irritation, it should be noted that bamboo requires no chemical treatment to process it from its plant state into fabric. Furthermore, many people who are allergic to other natural fibers (like hemp and wool) report none of the same problems with bamboo.

The following four characteristics of bamboo are all additional reasons why it’s being used more with each passing year for fabric and upholstery:

  • Feel: Bamboo is not only highly absorbent for wicking away moisture, but it’s also quite breathable (i.e. sweat deterrent) and soft to the touch. Both are incredibly important to a good night’s sleep.
  • Cleanliness: Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to odor, mold, mildew, and bacteria (regardless of how many times it’s washed).
  • Ease of Care: Bamboo doesn’t wrinkle, it’s stain resistant, and easily machine washed; chemical fabric softeners aren’t necessary.


The Environmental Advantages of Bamboo

Unlike with most forms of cotton, pesticides and fungicides aren’t used to grow bamboo; this is because it is naturally an undesirable source of food for insects and pathogens that may otherwise infect a plant like cotton. Furthermore, did you know that bamboo doesn’t come from a tree but actually an extremely fast-growing grass? It’s the fastest growing plant on Earth, and once harvested can easily grow back to full maturity in less than a year’s time. In fact, bamboo has been reported to grow as much as 120cm in a single day, making it an ideal choice for sustainability as the global population continues to expand in decades to come.

The mattress industry has been no exception to this trend toward replacing cotton and other traditional fabrics with the more sustainable and longer-lasting bamboo. Some product lines including our very own eco-friendly memory foam mattress brand, Sleep Natural™, are employing bamboo fabrics to cover pillows and mattresses alike. At Mark’s Mattress Outlet, we believe that finding creative ways to create less environmental waste (and pave a more sustainable future) is all part of doing business the right way. We invite you to visit a Mark’s Mattress Outlet store near you, and see for yourself why selecting a Sleep Natural™ mattress may be the smartest shopping decision you’ve made in years.

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