Best Mattress Discounters

Mattress Discounters That Want to Save You Money & Give You Great Sleep

Do you know anyone who wants to spend more money than they need to? Neither do we! That’s why, as mattress discounters, we love to offer discount prices on premium mattress brands that we know deliver a great night’s sleep.

Of all the mattress discounters in the midwest, why is Mark’s better?

Some retail mattress stores claim to offer incredible sales and deep discounts, but it’s important to consider how high their prices are from the get-go. Reducing a number that starts out sky high will only end up with a price you still can’t afford.

At Mark’s, our goal is to price our mattresses low as soon as they arrive in our stores. How can we afford to do this? Because we have exclusive contracts with top brand name mattress companies that say we’ll gladly take their slight freight damaged or discontinued models and sell them in our stores at a price we choose. We get deep discounts from them, and pass those discounts on to you, allowing us to offer premium luxury mattresses for the best prices you’ll find!

What mattresses can I find at Mark’s?

According to our contracts, we aren’t allowed to publicly advertise which brands we carry. But we can tell you that if you come into any of our stores, you’ll find memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid mattresses that we promise will help you sleep better! Just because we’re a mattress discounter doesn’t mean we have less than premium products! Whether you’re looking for a discount mattress in Evansville or Nashville, Mark’s is the best place to go.

Does Mark’s carry natural mattresses?

Yes! We don’t only offer discount mattress prices on big name brands. We manufacture our own line of luxury natural memory foam and latex mattresses using locally sourced materials. Our Sleep Natural series is an affordable TempurPedic alternative that’s been helping our customers sleep pain-free for years!

Stop Searching for the Best Mattress Discounters. Just Come to Mark’s!

We know it’s tempting to pull over to the store with big red price tags all over the windows. But we promise, if you come straight to Mark’s Mattress Outlet you will be happy with what you see. We offer the lowest prices on the best mattresses available, so whether you live in Indiana, Kentucky, or Tennessee, you owe it to yourself to check us out. Plus, don’t forget to download your outles pass and bring it in!


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