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Finding the Best Mattress Outlet in Nashville, TN: Your Search Ends Here

If you’re shopping for the best quality, lowest priced mattress outlet in the Nashville area, your choices can be overwhelming. While large department stores and mattress retailers may tout that they have the largest selection at the best price, you also have to consider the overhead they’re paying to cover rental and stocking fees, sales commissions, and marketing costs. They have to add those extra costs on to their price tags — and you end up paying for it.

Skip the hassle of guessing whether you’re getting the best deal and head to Mark’s Mattress Outlet in Nashville. We carry an exclusive partnership with top mattress companies that allows us to offer deep discounts on the same beds sold at those larger stores. We also manufacture our own line of eco-friendly memory foam mattresses that are much more affordable than Tempurpedic. It may be hard to believe, but give us just a few minutes of your time to prove that we have the best mattresses in Nashville!

FAQs About Mark’s Mattress Outlet in Nashville, TN

Mark's Mattress Outlet Store


Is Mark’s Mattress Outlet a retailer or manufacturer?

We are a mattress wholesaler AND manufacturer. We buy name brand mattresses that are either discontinued or simply have packaging damage during shipment to retailers, but are still the highest-quality beds on the market. This allows us to offer tremendous savings to customers.

We also manufacture our exclusive line of Sleep Natural luxury memory foam and continuous pour natural latex mattresses that relieve joint pressure and back pain. Built with local plant-based foams, natural latex and bamboo fabrics, you can feel good about your eco-friendly mattress, especially at such an affordable price!

What mattress sizes can I buy from a mattress wholesaler?

You’ll find any mattress size you need at Mark’s. Our selection changes often, so even if we don’t have the size you need at the moment, we can let you know as soon as it arrives.

How do I know I can trust  Mark’s Mattress Outlet?

We opened our first store in 2005 and have been gaining the trust of customers around the Midwest ever since. Our goal is not to make the most money possible on every mattress we sell, but to sell you a luxury mattresses for the most affordable price. Just read some of our reviews from customers who trust us.  

Where can I find Mark’s Mattress Outlet in Nashville?

You can find our West Nashville location at 5510 Charlotte Pike, and our south Nashville location at 3613 Nolensville Pike. You can find maps to both stores as well as contact information here.

Stop Shopping and Start Sleeping!

Why keep searching for the lowest priced mattress when you can drive straight to it? Our staff can point you to a luxurious mattress that will deliver the deep, rejuvenating sleep you deserve. Come see us soon. We look forward to meeting you!

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