If you’re tired of waking up tired and sweaty, check out a cooling gel mattress at Mark’s Mattress

Save Big On A Cool Gel Mattress That Beats This Heat With Mark’s Mattress Outlet

If you’re tired of waking up sweaty, we have the perfect cooling gel mattress to help you beat the heat. Mark’s Mattress carries a huge selection of top mattress brands at unbeatable prices, so if you’re anywhere in the tri-state area come see us to start sleeping cooler.

How a Cooling Gel Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

Did you know that sleeping hot is more than just uncomfortable? It can actually interfere with your body’s natural sleep cycle. During the day, the body temperature is warmer and then it starts to drop in the evening as it prepares to fall asleep. Ideally, your body temperature should then stay low throughout most of the night in order to reach the deep sleep stage when your muscles heal and your brain gets the rest it needs. Then in the early morning, your body temperature rises to signify your brain to wake up.

If your body temperature starts to increase too early in the night — which often happens when sleeping on a hot mattress — you will wake up completely or at least not be able to reach that deep, rejuvenating sleep stage. Some memory foam mattresses are known for trapping body heat and thus, causing people to wake up hot.

When you buy a cooling gel mattress, however, it has properties that prevent the mattress from becoming so hot. Gel beads infused into the foam absorb body heat instead of radiating it out, resulting in a much cooler sleep surface.

Great brand-name cooling mattresses at even cooler prices! That’s Mark’s Mattress!

Mark’s Mattress Outlet Has the Best Cooling Mattresses For Less

Through our exclusive contracts with brand name manufacturers, we’re able to buy top-rated cooling gel mattresses for up to 80% off their original prices. We aren’t allowed to advertise the exact makes and models, but we can assure you that they are the same or very similar to the cooling mattress selection you’ll find in other retail stores. How are we able to do this? Because when manufacturers have overstocked, freight-damaged, or cancelled orders, they have to unload them at a deep discount. We buy them for a great price — and then we pass that savings on to you!

Whether you’re looking for a cooling gel mattress, a latex mattress which also sleeps cooler than memory foam, or an innerspring mattress which allows air to flow through it, you’ll find the perfect match for your sleep needs at any one of our stores.

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Don’t Keep Waking Up All Gross and Sweaty all Summer! Visit Mark’s Today!

With 22 locations in the tri-state area, you can easily find a Mark’s Mattress Outlet near you. So instead of continuing to wake up hot just because you can’t afford the best cooling mattress, come in to see us. We’ll point you in the direction of the best mattress to keep you cool this summer and for years to come.


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