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How To Get A Cooling Mattress That Doesn’t Make You Sweat All Night

No matter how comfy your bed is, you can’t get a good night’s rest if you wake up sweating every hour. If you sleep hot, the only way to ensure you’ll get the best rest possible is to buy a cooling mattress, and the only way to get the best price possible is to come to Mark’s Mattress Outlet. Here’s what to look for when you set out on your search.

What to Look for in a Cooling Mattress


A cool mattress needs to allow heat to escape from around you and for air to flow beneath you. Below are some elements that some of the best cooling mattresses offer:

Microcoils to Allow Airflow

Innerspring beds generally provide a cooler sleep than memory foam beds since they allow air to flow through the springs. Some of the newer mattresses are built with individually pocketed microcoils which are flexible and supportive, yet they absorb some of the motion transfer that traditional spring beds allowed. This can be very helpful when sleeping with a partner who moves a lot throughout the night.

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Latex for Breathability

Latex doesn’t conduct heat as some foams do, providing a comfortable top layer on a cooling mattress. Some latex layers are aerated, or have holes, for even better breathability, so ask about what type of latex is in the mattress you’re interested in.

Gel-Infused Foams to Dissipate Heat

Traditional memory foam often found in mattresses is known to trap and even conduct heat. However, a cooling mattress has open-celled foams that dissipate heat, or even better, have cooling gel infused into the foam. The best mattress for cool sleeping will have an entire cooling gel layer on top of it.

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A Moisture-Wicking Cover to Keep You Dry

A mattresses’ fabric can make or break how cool you sleep. If you tend to sweat at night, look for a mattress cover that’s made of bamboo. Bamboo is breathable, gentle on skin, and wicks away moisture.

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Stop Sweating and Start Shopping!

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