A comparison between Mark’s Mattress Outlet and Denver Mattress

Mark’s Mattress vs. Denver Mattress

We know you have a choice between various mattress stores. However, it’s probably hard to tell which one has the best products for the best prices. We’ll break down the similarities and differences between two favorite distributors: Denver Mattress Company and Mark’s Mattress Outlet. Hopefully, this will help you choose the one that’s right for your needs.

About Denver Mattress Company and Mark’s Mattress Outlet

Denver Mattress Company, a division of Furniture Row, started making waterbed inserts in 1988 and then transitioned to innerspring beds in 1992. They opened their first store in Denver in 1995 and now operate over 90 stores in 30 states. Denver Mattress makes and sells their own innerspring, memory foam, latex, and air mattresses, allowing them to eliminate the middleman and offer beds at half the price of brand name competitors.

Mark’s Mattress Outlet opened its first location in 2005 after Mark Hisle noticed that other mattress stores were pricing luxury brand beds much too high for the average American to afford. He began negotiating contracts directly with top mattress manufacturers to sell their overstocked and minorly freight-blemished inventory, where he’d be allowed to price them as he wished. Hisle sells luxurious mattresses at up to 80% off retail prices, which helps middle-class citizens to get the sleep they desired. Mark’s Mattress now operates 23 stores throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. They also make their line of natural mattresses called Sleep Natural.

For more on Mark’s Mattress Outlet history, read this Sleep Savvy article (the magazine for sleep products professionals).


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Differences Between Denver Mattress and Mark’s Mattress

While both companies sell discount mattresses, there are some differences for you to consider before deciding.

Shopping Experience: A Furniture Store vs. A Mattress Outlet

In order to try a bed by Denver Mattress, customers must shop in a Furniture Row store. Customers interested in a new mattress will speak with the appropriate Denver Mattress staff member in each Furniture Row store. They will point you in the direction of a bed that suits your needs.

Mark’s Mattress Outlet only sells mattresses and accessories. You’ll talk to sleep experts about how to improve back pain at night, how to eliminate motion transfer between partners, and how to reduce snoring. Your Mark’s team member will then point you in the direction of premium beds built by top name brand mattress manufacturers that meet your needs.


Denver Mattress Company also manufactures and sells their mattresses direct.  They price their mattresses at 50% off of other mattresses but make them with comparable materials to separate top name brand beds.

Mark’s Mattress Outlet stores inventory most of the same mattress brands as retailers down the street but for 80% less. That is the key!  As you walk their floors, you will see exactly how much of a deal you’re getting on top brand name mattresses.  Learn more about how Mark’s Mattress Outlet is able to offer such deep discounts.

After weighing their options a couple decided to get a mattress from Mark’s Mattress Outlet

Natural Mattresses

If you’re looking for a green mattress, you’ll find them at both Denver Mattress and Mark’s Mattress. Denver’s Green Choice line is made entirely out of environmentally friendly, CertiPur-certified materials, and comes rolled up in a box. They currently have four mattresses available consisting of memory, gel and air foam comfort layers. 

Mark’s Mattress developed their plant-based Sleep Natural line after customers asked for a more affordable Tempur-Pedic alternative. Using natural latexes and bamboo fabrics along with CertiPur-certified memory foams, they built pressure-relieving beds similar to Tempur-Pedic and sell them at a fraction of the price. Sleep Natural is offered in three different collections — latex, gel memory foam, and hybrid — and each collection offers mattresses from firm, to cooling gel, and ultra plush. The Sleep Natural line also includes eco-friendly and allergen-free pillows and mattress protectors. We guarantee you a comfortable, natural sleep experience when you shop at Mark’s.

Which is Best: Mark’s Mattress or Denver Mattress?

Both companies are great for finding lower-priced mattresses including eco-friendly mattresses, however, Mark’s Mattress offers deeper discounts (up to 80% off) on top name brand beds that have high national ratings by consumers.

Decide which is best for your needs and head to a store near you today.  Don’t keep wondering about the best place to buy a mattress.

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