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Which Mattress is Best: An Eco-Friendly, Organic, or Natural Mattress?

With the onset of the organic food revolution this past decade, many health-conscious consumers are now beginning to question the safety of any and all household items, including their mattresses. After all, what one single piece of furniture in our homes do we spend more time in close contact with than our beds, right?

As with any emerging trend, however, there is a lot of false advertising and general confusion around how new mattresses are being labeled to indicate their relative level of “healthiness”. For example, what’s the difference between a natural mattress, an organic mattress, and an eco-friendly mattress? Furthermore, can a mattress be considered truly organic or natural if only a small percentage of the materials inside it meet the criteria? To help make your shopping experience clearer as you search for the healthiest bedding option for your family, we’ve put together the following clarifications:

To help make your shopping experience clearer as you search for the healthiest bedding option for your family, we’ve put together the following clarifications:

What’s the Definition of Eco-Friendly?

According to, “When it comes to mattresses, an eco-friendly product would use natural materials that have less of an impact on resources or pollution than regular bedding, while also being healthier for the sleeper.” Based on this definition, we can assume that eco-friendly is probably the loosest qualifier of all in terms of finding a bed that doesn’t pose any chemical danger to you or your family. While it may be manufactured in a way that (theoretically) poses less danger to the environment than traditional mattresses, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is free of harmful chemicals and other materials that you probably don’t want to be in long-term contact with.

What’s the Definition of Organic?

Organic, in the simplest sense or the word, basically just means “derived from living things.” While this may sound great at first, we also have to realize that there are a whole host of chemical manufacturing processes and additives (e.g., flame retardants) that can impact the safety of otherwise organic base materials. Furthermore, unlike in the food industry, the mattress industry doesn’t have any recognized third-party certification body to assess what qualifies a bed as organic or not. One such organization called NAOMI (National Association of Organic Mattress Industry), was created by one manufacturer solely for the purpose of boosting their own sales.

What’s the Definition of Natural?

Unfortunately, the word natural (just like eco-friendly and organic) gets attached to a whole host of products that have questionable origins in terms of chemical additives. The best advice we can give when shopping for an eco-friendly, organic, or natural mattress is to look for the certification seal of an independent third-party organization trusted across the industry. CertiPUR-US, for example, is the most recognized such certification in the mattress industry today, and it ensures that an entire range of dangerous chemicals and additives are not used in the manufacturing of your new bed.

Here at Mark’s Mattress Outlet, we have been addressing this shift in concern (regarding long-term exposure to potentially toxic chemicals) for some time now. Truth be told, we had difficulty verifying the manufacturing processes and material origins of several name brand beds we were selling in our stores, so we decided to do something about it. We created our very own line of locally manufactured Sleep Natural eco-friendly memory foam mattresses to ensure that every health-conscious consumer who walks through our doors has access to a mattress made with only the most naturally sourced and undoctored materials available. What’s more, every Sleep Natural mattress comes with a minimum 10-year full warranty to ensure consistent comfort and support throughout the entire lifespan of your purchase.

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