First-time parents holding baby.

5 Realistic Tips for First-Time Parents to Totally Rock At

If first-time parents could be given an instruction booklet when their baby is born, it might make life in those early months a little easier. But since every newborn is different and baby sleep patterns are unpredictable, there really is no way that one set of instructions would work. The best words of wisdom for new parents is to keep yourself from getting overtired.

Hey, First-Time Parents…

Here are a few newborn baby tips that may help.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Your house is a mess. You should catch up on laundry. You could read the next chapter of What to Expect the First Year. But, instead of doing any of those, let yourself nap when baby falls asleep.

Since a newborn sleep schedule is so sporadic, you have no idea when your next chance to rest will be, so if you don’t catch up on some of the sleep you lose throughout the night, you’re destined to become delirious and overwhelmed. This is one time in your life when sleeping during the day doesn’t make you lazy. It makes you smart.

Accept Help When Offered

First-time parents want to prove to themselves that they are capable of doing everything on their own, but that can backfire and lead to total exhaustion. So when someone offers to bring you dinner or to run and get diapers, so you don’t have to lug a car seat in and out of the store, accept their offer.

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Being responsible for another person can be more stressful than you ever thought possible, and the only way to keep up with it is to take care of yourself too. Stay hydrated especially if you’re breastfeeding, eat enough calories to sustain your energy, and sleep whenever you can to keep your mind working and your immune system strong. Being in good health yourself will make keeping baby healthy much easier.

Take Time to Destress

One of the best tips for new moms is to prevent yourself from getting stressed out. Whether that means going for a walk as soon as your husband gets home or taking a long shower while your mom is there to help, allow yourself some relaxation time. It will give you a chance to remind yourself that you’re not just a parent – you’re still you.

Try to Teach the Difference Between Night and Day

It’s true that baby sleep patterns are unpredictable in the first few weeks, but first-time parents can help show their newborns when the proper time is to wake up and go to sleep. Around 6-8 weeks, close the blinds, dim the lights and turn down the TV in the evenings to signify that it’s time to get quiet and fall asleep and make sure to keep the lights dim even when you get up with baby during the night. In the mornings, open the blinds and start moving around to make baby aware that it’s time to start moving and try to get them to take naps at the same time every day.


Developing a sleep/wake pattern is the best way for both of you to start getting more rest.

When You Have a New Baby, Your Family’s Health Should Come First

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