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8 Top Gifts for Sleepers and the Sleep Deprived

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift for your sleep deprived friends and family members? We have ideas for sleep gifts that will please everyone on your list!

Your Go-to List of Gifts for Sleepers – Give Them Their Best Night Sleep

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

An Eye Mask or Blackout Shades.

Help the new mom block out light. A gift that helps her sleep a little longer in the morning or get a much-needed afternoon nap. Give her an eye mask with a gel insert to help relieve stress and headaches, or splurge and buy room-darkening curtains or shades that match her bedroom decor.

Blue Light Blockers.

Watching TV or looking at a tablet before bed can make falling asleep really difficult. That’s because blue light from technical devices gives off shorter wavelengths that suppress melatonin. Give a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to the movie lover in your life so they can keep streaming late-night flicks without having trouble slipping into sleep.

White Noise Machine.

Know someone who lives on a busy street or works the night shift? A white noise machine makes a great sleep gift to help drown out chirping birds and noisy trash trucks that keep them from drifting into dreamland.

The Clapper.

We’ve all argued with our partner over who has to turn off the light. Once you’re cozy under the covers, the last thing either of you wants to do is get up. This clever device that lets you clap to turn the light off and on is a gift for each other that you’ll both be happy with.

Add a Dose of Comfort

Cozy Pajamas.

One of the very best gifts for sleepers is something that will keep them comfortable all night. Buy your husband flannel PJs or your wife a new silk nightgown so they can feel relaxed from the moment they slip into bed.

Organic Sheets.

Scratchy sheets could be the culprit if your son or daughter hasn’t been sleeping well. A set of high-quality, high thread count sheets will stay soft even after being washed many times, so give them as a gift to help someone you love to enjoy a full night of sleep.

A Luxurious Pillow.

Lots of people don’t have the right pillow for their preferred sleeping position or sleep on a pillow that makes them sweat. If your spouse has been complaining about neck pain or getting too hot at night, a new pillow is a great gift. Do some digging to find out if he prefers a memory foam pillow, a gel pillow, or maybe even a bamboo pillow and surprise him.

Hint to Your Body It’s Time for Sleep

Herbal Teas.

Drinking anything warm increases your body temperature, which induces sleep. Non-caffeinated herbal teas like chamomile and lavender make a great gift for anyone to add to their bedtime ritual.

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