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Typically, How Long Does a Mattress Last? Make Sure You Recognize the Signs

If you’re not waking up feeling as refreshed as you used to, it may be time to look into a new mattress. There are various factors that determine the length of your mattress life, including the quality of the mattress and how well you’ve taken care of it. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re wondering when to replace your mattress.

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

The Better Sleep Council, calls it the Seven-Year Itch. The time it takes for a general mattress to reach its end, which is generally around the seven or eight year mark.

You’ll find that mattress warranties don’t often exceed 10 years since regular wear on springs and foam will break the mattress down within that time frame. But if you’re not able to get comfortable in your bed before that ten year mark, there could be other things that have caused it to break down prematurely. The question of how long should a mattress last isn’t always so simple.

A Mattress That’s Too Soft or Saggy

Particularly if you or your partner weigh more than the average person, the mattress could start to soften too much or allow you to sag too deeply into it, not giving you any support. If the memory foam doesn’t bounce back into its original position every time you get out of bed or the springs aren’t so springy, you should consider replacing your mattress in order to avoid back pain.

A Mattress That Makes You Sneeze

If your allergy symptoms worsen when you get into bed, you could be breathing in a lot of dust and dirt, or even worse, bed bugs and their droppings. A mattress protector is really important for keeping these things at bay, so even a few years of these particles building up on your bed could be affecting the quality of your sleep. It may be time to start over with a new mattress, and buy a quality mattress protector right from the start.

A Mattress That Just Isn’t Comfortable

It doesn’t matter what the rules are on how often to replace a mattress if you aren’t sleeping well. You may have chosen your mattress based on the cheapest price or a catchy commercial, but if your bed is preventing you from falling asleep or causing you to wake up in pain, it’s time to shop for a new one.

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We hope this answers your “How long does a mattress last” question and can help you determine the state of quality your mattress is in now. If any of the above mattress “symptoms and signs” are clearly visible, it might be a good idea to start exploring some other mattress options.

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