How often to change pillows

Do You Know How Often to Change Pillows? Here’s How to Know When It’s Time

When did you purchase your pillow? If you can’t remember, it may be time to start shopping. Your pillow is important to your health and quality of sleep, so you should learn how often to change pillows in order to feel your best every morning.

Why Should You Know How Often to Change Pillows

While the right mattress keeps you from having back pain by keeping your spine neutral, a pillow supports your head and neck throughout the night to prevent neck pain. Consider this: Your head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, and your neck contains seven of the spine’s 33 vertebrae. A good pillow should be supportive enough to hold your head while keeping your neck as straight as it would be if you were standing. If your head droops down or your neck is strained, it can cause tremendous pain in the neck and even lead to tension headaches.

If You’re Looking for Quality Pillows…

Replacing Old Pillows With New, Quality Ones

You should consider buying a new pillow when the one you have no longer holds your head and neck in alignment. However, even if your pillow is still supportive, the National Sleep Foundation says to get a new pillow every one to two years for hygiene purposes. An unwashed pillow could contain as much as 10% of its weight in oil, skin scales, dust mites, and their droppings – all of which can aggravate allergies. Some of this can be eliminated by washing your pillow every six months, but doing so can make a traditional polyester or down pillow lumpy and not as supportive. And foam pillows are not washable.

What Exactly Qualifies as a Quality, Supportive Pillow?

Knowing how often to change pillows is only the beginning. In order to enjoy deep, rejuvenating, pain-free sleep, you should focus on buying a new pillow specifically for your sleeping position.

If you’re a back sleeper, look for a thinner pillow so your neck isn’t strained and your head is not thrown too far forward. You may also like a memory foam or latex pillow that cradles your neck. To keep your spine neutral, stick a pillow under your knees as well.

If you’re a side sleeper, look for a medium density, firmer pillow to fill in the distance between your ear and shoulder. A memory foam pillow is great for side sleepers since it supports the head and conforms to the neck. You’ll also want to put a pillow between your knees to prevent waking up with back pain.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, look for a very thin pillow, and also stick a pillow under your hips to keep your back from bowing.

Finally, if you sleep hot, you may want to consider buying a new pillow that’s made of latex and contains cooling gels that dissipate heat.

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