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How to Deal With Stress at Work During the Holidays

Work life and home life can each carry a lot of pressure. When you add in extra holiday shopping and parties for both, it can become really stressful. Since the holidays are supposed to be fun, try figuring out how to deal with stress at work early on so you can enjoy the rest of the season with family and friends.

How to Deal With Stress at Work & Not Let It Affect Your Holiday Season

The best holiday stress management is to take a proactive approach. By preventing situations that can make you feel overwhelmed, you’ll be saving yourself from stress later on.

Be More Proactive & Work Ahead

If you’ve had something on your calendar that you know is due by the end of the year, cram a few extra hours in at the office at the beginning of December to get it done. Or if you have a weekend free to finish a project, do some work at home to try to get ahead. You may have to miss your son’s basketball game, but you’ll be happy when you’re not stuck at work every night the entire week before Christmas.

Understand Your Limits & Delegate Tasks

We’re not suggesting you reject assignments from your boss, but speak up if something extra comes up that you just don’t have time for. If you’ve been invited to a party that a client is throwing on the same night as a school play, the client will understand your family is your priority. If you’re invited to lunch with your department but you know you need that time to shop for a gift, ask yourself which one you’ll feel better about after it’s over. Being able to check even one thing off your list can relieve a lot of holiday stress.

You may like to have your hands in many baskets, but letting someone else take on one of your tasks can be a breath of fresh air. Pick a project and ask a co-worker to help. Ask your secretary to pick up some of the gifts you need for your employees. Once it’s off your plate you’ll feel a lot better.

If you’re still having trouble sleeping after a long day of work, explore some of our other tips and tricks this season: “The Best Night Routine for a Better Tomorrow,” “Foods to Help You Sleep Better During Any Holiday,” and “5 Signs Your Lack of Sleep is Affecting the Rest of Your Life.

Stressless father raising child in the air.
Dad is less stressed because of these tips of how to deal with stress at work.
Dad is less stressed with child because of these ways to deal with stress at work.

How to Prevent Work Stress From Affecting Your Home Life This Season

Home should be your escape from work problems, but once you carry signs of stress at work back home with you, your whole family can become uncomfortable. Remember not to take stress out on your loved ones by trying these tips.

Hire a Sitter and Enjoy a Night Off

You and your spouse can quickly become disconnected during all of the holiday stress. Make plans to have a sitter come to the house so the two of you can have dinner or perhaps do some shopping together. Sitting down with no distractions and going through a list of gift ideas can be fun, especially over a glass of wine.

The next Saturday, enjoy a family day and the little ones on a ride to see holiday lights, make gingerbread houses together, or wrap presents together as you listen to Christmas music. Experiencing some of the magic of the season through a child’s eyes can be great for managing holiday stress.

Don’t Let Yourself Lose Sleep

You have a lot on your mind, but if you don’t get enough sleep, you and everyone around you will suffer. You won’t be able to focus at work, you’ll be crabby with co-workers and your family, and you won’t be able to accomplish much or enjoy the holidays. So make it a point to get to bed at a decent hour each night, no matter how much you have on your list.

Since sleep is a necessity for a stress-free life, your bed has to be comfortable enough to rest well every night – especially during the holidays. If you’re not sleeping your best, head to Mark’s Mattress Outlet for the best selection of brand name mattresses along with our exclusive line of Sleep Natural™ , the most comfortable toxic-free beds on the market.


Happy holidays from all of us at Mark’s Mattress Outlet!

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