How to have a healthy lifestyle

How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle at Every Age

These days, it’s easy to lose focus on our health. Almost everyone has a mobile device in hand — all the time. Our calendars are full of kids’ and grandkids’ activities. We’re busy at work, then busy at home. The last thing we want to think about is making time to be healthy.

But living a healthy life doesn’t have to be a burden, or require a lot of time. Whether your kids need to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle or you want to begin learning about healthy aging, there are really just a few things to keep in mind in order to get healthy.

Quick Tips on How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle: Kids vs. Adults


Raising Healthy Kids

From the moment they’re born, kids rely on you. So when it comes to your kids’ health, it’s up to you to teach them how to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s also up to you to be a good role model, so make sure you’re practicing what you preach as they grow up watching you.

Good-for-You Food Can Taste Good: If you feed your baby fruits and vegetables from the time they can open up and say “ahh,” they’ll likely have an appreciation for healthy foods as they grow up. And as they get older, since you are most likely the one who’s in control of filling the fridge and pantry, make sure to buy a variety of nutritious foods rather than junk food. Don’t deprive them of delicious treats, but let them know that sweets and chips are only “sometimes” foods, and smart choices like cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, and fruit can give them what they need to grow up big and strong.

Exercise is Fun: From their toddler years, kids can play games on tablets and watch TV for as many hours as you’ll let them. So limit screen time to an hour or two a day and encourage them to get up and move. Do a fun activity together like backyard soccer, or sign them up for a swim class. Take a walk every evening as a family to show them you care about your health too. They’ll start to see that a healthy lifestyle is something you enjoy.

Sleep is Awesome: No matter how young or old they are, kids will fight sleep. To nip this problem in the bud, create a fun bedtime routine right from the start. Give them a warm bath with fun toys, put on cozy pajamas, dim the lights in their room and read a favorite book. They’ll start to look forward to bedtime each night, and even as they get older, they’ll continue to associate sleep with comfort.


Being a Healthy Adult

When you’re responsible for your own health, it gets harder. You have to make your own food, make time to exercise and put yourself to bed on time. But since the key to healthy aging is making yourself a priority, it’s well worth it to make important changes now.

Stick to Fresh Foods: Drive-through and processed foods are much easier to eat, but healthy aging isn’t possible if this is all that’s in your diet. For a quick meal, choose a sandwich shop that offers fresh veggies and meats, and leave off the fatty dressings. If you need fast snacks to grab on your way to work, reach for nuts, fruit, veggies, lean meats and whole grains that are much better for you than a bag of chips. You can find lots of healthy recipes online, so on the nights that you have time to cook, try one.

Move Throughout the Day: You don’t have to have money to join a gym. Get up and take a 15-minute walk before work, another one during your lunch break, and again when you get home. Or use an app on your phone that offers a fun 30-minute workout. A key to aging well is to keep your heart healthy, so your body will appreciate the time you spend to take care of it.

See a Doctor: So many of us ignore worrisome symptoms because we’re just too busy to go to the doctor. But as we age, it’s important to pay close attention to things going on with our bodies. Regular health screenings and women’s health issues should be addressed at least once a year, and anything else that causes pain or concern should be addressed promptly. Preventative care is the best way to ensure healthy aging.

Enjoying Your Senior Years: Your retired years should be the most relaxing, and relaxing is one of the main ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Stress can cause all kinds of problems with your heart and can lead to a decline in your memory, so be sure you’re doing all you can to stay happy and stress-free.

Stimulate Your Mind: To keep your mind engaged, do puzzles, read books or participate in a social club where you can have stimulating conversations. An active brain is less likely to slow down and become forgetful.

Stay Physically Fit: Exercise decreases your chance of heart disease, improves energy, and decreases the possibility of depression. So get up and move throughout the house several times a day or, if possible take regular walks in the morning and the evening. Just be sure to discuss any new exercise plan with your doctor.

Get Enough Sleep: any older adults have frequent night wakings due to a lower production of melatonin, joint pain, or anxiety. Lack of sleep can cause sadness, clumsiness, and memory problems, so it’s important that you address any trouble with sleep with your doctor. Healthy aging for seniors requires 6-8 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, so if you can’t sleep well during the night, catch up during the day by taking naps.


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