How to Shop for a Mattress

How to Shop for a Mattress and Get the Best Deal

If you’ve recently started shopping for a new mattress, then you probably already know how confusing it can be. After all, it seems like with every passing weekend there’s another local mattress retailer advertising their “biggest sale of the year” on new beds, and everybody’s claiming to offer the lowest prices in town. As a shopper, the natural assumption from all this is that all mattress stores are essentially selling the same thing at similar prices, so just wait until the time is most convenient and then go buy from the store who’s currently advertising a big sale.

This assumption that everyone is selling the same thing for the same price is probably the single most frequent mistake we see in terms of buying a new mattress. The more you as a consumer begin to understand how mattress retail stores make their money, the better equipped you’ll be to make sure you’re getting the most bed for your buck next time you go mattress shopping.

How to Shop for a Mattress: 3 Tips to Remember

The best deal on quality sleep. We’ve gathered 3 foolproof tips on how to shop for a mattress the right way – and get the best deal:

TIP 1: Price vs. Value

As you’ve probably already noticed from the last 15,000 mattress sale commercials you’ve seen on tv, every store in town is ready to sell you a queen mattress set for around $500. What’s not so obvious, on the other hand, is that each of those stores will be selling you varying levels of quality for that same $500.

So how are you supposed to know which mattress is better than the next? A good rule of thumb is to start by testing out a few different mattresses in your ideal price range. After you’ve found 2 or 3 that you like the feel of, it’s a good idea at that point to compare warranty fine print. Higher quality mattresses that are designed to last longer will not only offer longer warranty periods, but they will also include fewer exceptions in terms of coverage.


TIP 2: Shop by Mattress Type, Not by Brand Name

When we say mattress type, we mean knowing whether you prefer an innerspring, pocket coil, latex, or memory foam bed before you walk into a mattress store. This seemingly minor detail is far too often overlooked, and it prevents your salesman from trying to sell you a particular brand whose manufacturer is offering the best sales incentive during a particular month.

By knowing the mattress type you’re looking to buy prior to making your purchase decision, you’ll be swayed more by comfort than by brand perception. Unfortunately, even brands with the best reputations manufacture “entry level” mattresses that aren’t made to nearly the same quality as their upper-level lines.

How to Shop for a Mattress

TIP 3: Know Which Questions to Ask Your Salesperson

After you’ve narrowed your search and decided which bed is not only most comfortable, but which is also likely to maintain its comfort for the longest period of time, then it’s a good idea to start asking your salesperson what types of additional fees they charge on top of the mattress price itself. Many retailers will try to lure shoppers with low advertised mattress prices only to end up doubling or even tripling that advertised price through hefty delivery surcharges and old mattress disposal fees. Others will only extend the advertised sales price if you also spend a particular dollar amount on new pillows, mattress protectors, box springs, and/or bed frames.

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