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How A Mattress Outlet Saves You So Much Money On Name Brand Mattresses

Before you buy an expensive bed at your local retail store or decide you can’t afford a new mattress, you owe it to yourself to check out our mattress outlet where you can save up to 80%  on luxury mattress brand names. With more than 20 stores in the tri-state area, you’re sure to find a Mark’s Mattress Outlet near you.

How Can Our Mattress Outlet Price Brand Name Beds So Low?

Through exclusive licensing agreements with brand name manufacturers, we’re able to acquire popular models of premium mattresses for unbelievable prices. We can’t legally advertise online which mattress brand names we have in stock, but we are allowed to show photos and tell you that we have been known to carry Serta, Simmons and everything in between. And you can certainly come into any of our stores to see the exact brands we’re currently offering.

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So how is our mattress outlet able to price these beds so much lower than retail stores? It’s because retail stores have legal agreements with brand name manufacturers mandating they will not go below a certain price, but we don’t have to abide by those rules. We actually do the manufacturers a favor by unloading inventory they need to get rid of for reasons such as:

  • They have overstocked quantities
  • There are minor freight blemishes to packaging (this does not affect the actual mattress)
  • Model names may be changing
  • Retailers may have changed or cancelled an order

They sell them to us at a discount, then we price them affordably because we want our customers to be able to afford the very best mattress brand names without having to pay sky high prices! How low can we go? Up to 80% off of what our retail neighbors are asking! In fact, we offer a 100% Price Guarantee that we will always give you the lowest price on a similar mattress.


If we aren’t initially priced lower, we’ll beat the competitor’s price by 10%. (This excludes sleep trials, floor models, comfort exchanges, purchase from an auction site and is valid only if purchase was made within the last 30 days.)

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Where Can You Find the Best Cheap Mattresses in the Midwest?

We knew when we became a brand name mattress outlet that we’d want to offer amazing prices to as many customers as possible. That’s why we’ve expanded our business model into 22 stores throughout the tri-state area. Whether you’re looking for a premium bed for less in Tennessee, Indiana or Kentucky, you don’t have to go far to find it!

Don’t Keep Price Matching Local Retail Stores. Just Visit Mark’s Mattress Outlet!

You spend a third of your life in bed. If you waste time searching in every department store or mattress retailer for the best cheap mattress, you may not be able to find an affordable bed that will improve your sleep. We make it possible for you to afford the luxury bed you really want, so come on in and see us at a store near you to start getting the rest you deserve.


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