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4 Mattress Store Questions You Need to Be Asking

Here at Mark’s Mattress Outlet, we haven’t forgotten just how important it is to properly educate our customers on choosing the best mattress for their individual needs. After all, while the art of selecting the perfect mattress might seem obvious to us, we realize that buying a new bed isn’t something that the majority of our customers have had the luxury to dedicate a lot of time to.

Accordingly, we’ve assembled a list of the four “must ask” questions that any well-informed shopper should be asking their salesperson prior to selecting a new mattress. If you arm yourself with each of these questions, 9 times out of 10, you’ll be heading home with the right bed for you (and your partner).

The Top 4 Mattress Store Questions

Without further adieu, here are the four most important questions any smart mattress shopper should be asking their salesperson before buying:

#1 What Size Mattress Do I Need?

While Queen and King are the most popular sizes for couples, it’s still important to stop and think before arbitrarily choosing the same size bed you already own. For example, are you currently living in a suburban house with a large master bedroom, but planning to downsize to a small urban apartment in the next few years? If so, maybe a more compact, Full-size mattress is all you really need. At the other end of the spectrum, there is often a good amount of confusion when it comes to choosing between a King and California King mattress. Most people assume that the California King is bigger, but the truth is that it actually has less surface area than a regular King bed. As opposed to 76”x80” for a King size, a California King is 72”x84”, making it four inches narrower and four inches longer.

#2 Is a Firm Mattress the Best for My Back?

Not necessarily. According to WebMD, if a mattress is too firm it will push too hard on all the most sensitive pressure points of your spine while you sleep. On the hand, a mattress that’s too soft won’t properly keep your joints aligned throughout the night. Either scenario can result in waking up with a back that aches worse than it did when you first went to bed. To strike the right balance, it’s important to first experiment at home with sleeping on different surfaces of varying firmness. In our experience, most shoppers tend to enjoy super-soft plush mattresses when they first lay down, but over time, they usually will gravitate toward something a little firmer and more supportive.

#3 How Long Can I Expect a New Mattress to Last?

Since quality varies by make and model, there is really no rule of thumb for how long a new mattress will last. Eight years is an average that many nationwide retailers have adopted, but a well-constructed bed which is properly rotated and maintained could easily last twice that long. Mark’s Mattress Outlet recommends the purchase of a mattress protector with any new mattress, as it will help to not only prevent liquids from staining, but also stop dust mites, dead skin cells, and other microbes from penetrating the surface of your mattress over time.

#4 Do I Need a New Box Spring/Foundation and Bed Frame?

Along the same line or reasoning for purchasing a mattress protector, it’s equally important to replace the box spring (a.k.a. foundation) and bed frame whenever you buy a new mattress. Just as an old mattress can begin to sag over time, so can the box spring and bed frame below it. If you place a brand new mattress on an old foundation and frame, it will eventually begin to sag in the same spots as the old mattress. Furthermore, most manufacturers will not honor their warranties if you place their new mattress on an old foundation and/or frame.
Have another question that just can’t wait? Email us your mattress store questions right now, and one of our sleep professionals will promptly provide you with the most in-depth response we can gather.

Now that you’re equipped with the most important mattress store questions to ask when shopping for a new bed, we encourage you to visit a Mark’s Mattress Outlet store near you to try our full lineup of closeout liquidation brand name mattresses and eco-friendly memory foam mattresses.

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