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A Mattress Warehouse Where The Savings Begin

If you’ve been browsing department store ads for the best mattress deals, you’re missing out by not checking out Mark’s Mattress Warehouse. We offer deep discounts on the same brand name mattresses sold in other stores and are also proud to manufacture two of our own mattress collections. Learn why a better price doesn’t mean lower quality – then come to Mark’s to see for yourself!

How Our Mattress Warehouse Saves You 80% on Brand Names

We purchase liquidated mattresses which the most popular manufacturers need to unload for any of a number of reasons. The model name may be changing, they could be swapping out floor models, there may be freight blemishes such as tears in the shipping packages, or a customer could have cancelled an order.

Come check out our top rated mattresses, they’re more affordable than you think!

For whatever reason, the manufacturer must sell their inventory so they sell them to us at a huge discount. We’re talking luxury, top-of-the-line mattresses that are normally marked up hundreds to thousands in retail stores. We then price these mattresses to be extremely affordable to our customers, allowing you to get the same or better quality bed that you’d get in the retail store down the street!

While our contracts with brand name manufacturers don’t allow us to advertise their names on our site, we are allowed to offer photos, so make sure to check out our Brand Name page and see if something looks familiar!


Our Exclusive Natural Mattress Brand That Save You Money

We’re more than one of the area’s best mattress warehouse discounters. We also manufacture our own line of natural mattresses using locally sourced materials. Building and selling these eco-friendly beds allows us to cut out the middleman and offer you prices that are unheard of in the natural mattress market!

Sleep Natural — the Affordable Tempur-Pedic Aternative

When customers began asking Mark’s Mattress owner and president, Mark Hisle, for a bed like Tempur-Pedic that was more affordable, he decided to develop his own. The Sleep Natural line is made to offer comfort and support for ultimate pressure and pain relief, and is an excellent choice for those looking to sleep on a green mattress. Whether you choose a latex, gel foam or hybrid Sleep Natural mattress, you can feel good about the natural ingredients that are better for your health including:

  • Natural latex tapped from rubber trees
  • Organic cotton never treated with pesticides
  • No toxic chemical flame retardants
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams that contain no formaldehyde, heavy metals, or ozone depleters
  • Materials that are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite, mildew and mold resistant

"Sleep Natural, the best money-saving Tempur-Pedic Alternative."

You Don’t Have to Pay Crazy Prices for a Luxury Bed. Just Come to Mark’s Mattress Outlet!

If you’re serious about buying a new bed, you probably already have your eye on a certain brand or model. Before you take the plunge and spend an arm and a leg, take the time to come see us at one of our 22 locations. Shopping at mattress warehouse discounters does not mean you’ll find low quality beds. In fact — you’ll find just the opposite!


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