Latex cutout from a natural mattress

Why Mark’s Mattress Outlet Saves You More on Your Natural Mattress

If you’re looking for a natural mattress, you can stop here. Our exclusive line of Sleep Natural mattresses is made from non-toxic, plant-based rapidly renewable materials that are excellent for your health, and better for the planet. What’s best about this pressure-relieving mattress is that it’s more affordable than others in its class, allowing every shopper to enjoy pain-free, deep sleep, night after night.

What Makes This Natural Mattress More Affordable?

Other mattress manufacturers simply aren’t sensitive to the fact that not everyone can spend thousands on a healthier bed. Mark’s Mattress Outlet President, Mark Hisle, knew it was possible to create a natural, pressure-relieving mattress that even the average consumer could enjoy, so he created the Sleep Natural line.

By using locally sourced materials and building the mattresses ourselves, we don’t pay crazy prices for artificially manufactured parts or commissions for pushy sales guys. We simply build and deliver an affordable non-toxic mattress to everyone who desires a good night’s sleep.


sleep natural latext mattresses are a natural mattress you'll feel great about sleeping on.

Why This Green Mattress is Better Than the Rest

We’re not sure exactly what goes into other natural mattresses, but we do know exactly what goes into ours. Local natural latexes, wild-harvested bamboo fabrics, and non-toxic foams create a luxurious sleep surface that relieves pressure points and promotes spinal alignment and eliminates motion transfer between sleep partners. And because our foams are CertiPur-US certified, you can rest easy knowing your bed is:

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • No ozone depleters, no CFC’s
  • Low emissions for indoor air quality
  • No mercury, lead, or other heavy materials

There’s Something For Everyone in the Sleep Natural Line

Since not every customer gets comfortable the same way, we built a natural mattress to suit every type of sleeper. For the person who gets too hot, we added extra gel and cooling foams. In addition, for the person who loves a plush, supportive feel, we offer a latex line. Finally, for those who like the firmer feel of micro coils but enjoys the contouring pressure relief of memory foam, we created the hybrid mattresses. If you’ve ever wondered if you can afford a green mattress, stop wondering and start shopping!

It’s Easy to Find An Affordable Non-Toxic Mattress Near You

With 23 stores throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, you’re sure to find a Sleep Natural mattress you love at a Mark’s Mattress Outlet near you! Come see us soon to start enjoying the healthy sleep you deserve.

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