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3 Sleep-Dependent New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Accomplish

Once the Christmas tree is packed away and holiday guests have gone home, it’s time to look forward to the New Year. While many of us make New Year’s resolutions every year, we often lose sight of our goals within a couple of months – or simply become too tired to keep up with them. If you’re serious about wanting to make changes in 2018, you have to tackle sleep issues – the one thing that can make your new goals seem impossible.

New Year’s Resolutions That Depend on Sleep

Before you start you pushing towards new goals, it’s important to lay out how exactly you are going to get there. These new goals might just impact other routines you have in place and bad habits you need to kick. Here are just a few New Year’s resolutions that make a connection to good sleep.

Shedding the Extra Pounds: Losing Weight

If you plan to eat better and exercise in order to shed some pounds, you’d better head to bed. There’s a huge correlation between sleep and weight loss.

The Ability to Make Good Food Choices

You can plan to start eating whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, but that will all go out the window if you’re not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep affects your ability to make good decisions, so if you’re tired you’re more likely to reach for high-carb fatty comfort foods rather than healthy snacks.

Insufficient sleep also impacts the hormones that tell you when you’re hungry and full. A hormone called Ghrelin tells your brain when it’s time to eat, but when you’re sleep-deprived, your body makes too much of it, so you’re more likely to overeat. On the other hand, if you sleep enough, the hormone leptin tells you when you’re full. When you’re not getting enough sleep, leptin levels drop, signaling your brain to eat more food.

The Energy to Exercise and Ability to Recover

Even if you join a gym January 1st, you’ll never reach your New Year’s resolution goal weight if you aren’t sleeping 7-8 hours per night. First, you won’t have the energy to make it through your calorie-burning cardio workout, and second, you won’t be able to build and recover muscles as you should. Sleep issues that prevent you from getting into deep sleep hinder your body’s ability to regenerate tissue, causing muscle loss and a higher incidence of injuries. So get better sleep and you’ll start to see the body you want.

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Pushing Success in Your Career: Getting a Promotion

If you want to convince the boss that you’re the best candidate for a big raise or promotion, you’ll have to turn out the lights earlier at night. As mentioned above, sleep affects your ability to make decisions, making it more likely that you’ll make bad decisions at work if you’re not sleeping enough. Sleep also recharges your memory as well as your attention span, both of which are important when learning new tasks. So if you want to be better at your job and receive the recognition you deserve, get some shut-eye.

If you haven’t checked out “Improving Your Morning Routine for a Better Day,” we highlight some top routine hacks that go into making your day its best. Here are just a few tips we recommend that would help you plan for a successful and productive workday:

  • Lay out clothes the night before
  • Stop hitting the snooze button
  • Get some fresh air and light exercise
  • Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast
  • Drink at least 16 oz. before you make it to your desk

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Giving More of Yourself: Spending More Time Loved Ones

As years go by, we become more aware of how important our loved ones are, especially during the holidays. From Christmas dinners to New Year parties, we’re constantly surrounded by friends and family celebrating, eating, and just spending time together. So, don’t you want to be in the best mood?

If one of your new goals is to schedule more dinners with friends or plan more fun things with your kids, make sure you’re not tired and crabby when the time comes. Studies have shown that even partial sleep deprivation can significantly affect mood, so when you’re tired you’re likely to be angry, sad, and even become depressed. If you want to truly enjoy your social and family life in the next year, it’s best that you tackle any sleep issues you have right away.

Check out, “5 Signs Your Lack of Sleep is Affecting the Rest of Your Life” to determine if there are areas of your life being impacted and damaged by your lack of sleep.

Start the New Year With Better, Quality Sleep

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