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The Best Night Routine for a Better Tomorrow

Ever had one of those mornings when nothing goes right? You don’t hear the alarm go off; you spill your coffee on your suit, you hit all the red lights on the way to work…the list goes on and on. The worst part about a bad morning is that it sets the tone for the rest of the day, making you grumpy and unable to do anything productive for hours.

To lessen your chances of having a bad morning, it’s a good idea to follow a consistent morning and night routine.

A Productive Day Starts with the Right Night Routine

To make sure your snoring isn’t drowning out the alarm each morning, get to bed at a decent time each night. Start your night routine shortly after dinner by winding down and reducing a lot of noise in the house. Aim to fall asleep 7-8 hours before you need to get up in the morning. If you get enough sleep, you may even wake up before your alarm goes off!

Quick tips to a perfect night routine:

Limit Electronic Usage: It’s okay to watch something on television or play on your phone, but try to limit exposure to electronics at least an hour before bed since blue light can cause trouble with falling asleep.

Go Through the Motions: A good night routine should include setting your clothes out for the next morning. Whether the kids need help getting to the school bus in the morning or you need that little help of motivation to work, setting out your clothes saves you an additional step in the morning.

Avoid Bright Lights: Winding down at night can be difficult when you are surrounded by bright, harsh lighting. Consider changing and putting pajamas on in a dimly lit bedroom or closet.

Catch Up on Your Favorite Novel: Not only does reading help relax the mind, it also lets you escape your reality and think about something else until your eyes feel sleepy.


Now You Can Enjoy a Brighter Morning

Things you can do when you have the above night routine mastered:

Make Time for a Short Workout: It’s amazing how energized you can be after getting your blood pumping. By fitting just 20-30 minutes of exercise into your morning routine, you’ll feel clear-minded and ready to take on the day ahead. Lay out a set of workout clothes as part of your night routine and when you wake up in the morning, slip on your sweats and get moving.

Make a Mental Checklist While You’re Getting Ready: Sometimes lots of tasks can feel overwhelming when they get jumbled up in your brain – especially when you are trying to unwind before bedtime. To help you feel more prepared for the day ahead, make a mental list of priorities as you shower and get dressed in the morning. Figure out what needs to be done first, what can wait until later in the day, and what can wait until tomorrow or later in the week. Clearing your head during your morning routine will help you tackle the day much more efficiently.

Eat a Smart Breakfast: Not only are foods high in sugar bad for your waist, but they can make you crash and feel crabby within an hour. So, as part of your morning routine, eat a breakfast that will stick with you until lunch. Protein-rich egg whites or a handful of almonds will help you feel full longer while whole grain toast or granola will give you lasting energy. Make sure to drink water with your breakfast to rehydrate after your workout, and if you drink coffee, sip it slowly, so you don’t spill!

Allow Yourself Extra Time to Drive: Whether you’re just driving to drop the kids off or you have a long commute to work, always factor in time for traffic. There could be stoplights, an accident, or you could have car trouble – any of those things can cause you to be late. So, leave home with many minutes to spare, because being late can make you feel frazzled for the rest of the day or cause you to rush to soccer and basketball practice that night.

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