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Mark’s Mattress History: How Sleep Natural Came to Be

Mark Hisle is always proud to tell the story of Mark’s Mattress history. When he first started selling mattresses out of his Evansville warehouse in 2005, his goal was to offer top brand name mattresses at prices the average consumer could afford. Over a decade later, the business is still going strong and he and his team have added an exclusive natural mattress line called Sleep Natural as an affordable Tempur-pedic alternative. Find out more about Sleep Natural mattress history so you can decide which bed is best for you.

Mark’s Mattress History: How Special Contracts Offer Name Brands for Less

Because Mark Hisle wanted to allow mattress shoppers to afford brand name beds, he met with respected mattress manufacturers to discuss a strategy. He and these top companies entered into contracts that would allow him to sell their overstocks, freight-blemishes, fabric changes and model name changes at up to 80% off what retail stores could charge. You see, there was nothing wrong with the beds themselves — and Hisle knew his customers would appreciate being able to buy premium beds at incredible values. So he filled his warehouse with rotating shipments of top mattress brands and models, and his strategy was so successful that he has since expanded to over 20 stores across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Sleep Natural’s Mattress History

Through many discussions with customers who sought a pressure-relieving mattress like Tempur-Pedic, Mark Hisle realized there was a need for a more affordable luxury memory foam and latex line of beds. After doing some research, Hisle discovered that Tempur-pedic’s original models were filled with glue and chemicals — yet the manufacturer was charging thousands! He knew there had to be a way to build healthier, more natural mattresses that would relieve pressure and pain.

After careful research, Hisle and his team developed the Sleep Natural line of mattresses using toxin-free materials like wild harvested bamboo, natural latex from local rubber trees, and CertiPur-US certified foams. The mattresses are built right here in Mark’s Mattress Evansville factory and they’re priced at almost half of similar Tempur-Pedic models. To sweeten the deal even more, Sleep Natural mattresses come with warranties ranging from 10-25 years, a 90-day comfort guarantee, and free delivery.

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How Sleep Natural is Changing the History of Mattresses

While there are other memory foam and latex mattresses on the market, Sleep Natural mattresses are many steps ahead when it comes to quality sleep, environmental friendliness, and improved health.

Better for Comfort

With three core collections including latex, gel memory foam, and hybrid, every Sleep Natural bed supports our belief that a better quality bed leads to better sleep, which leads to a better quality of life. Our foams provide cradling support to relieve joint pressure and keep your spine in proper alignment to prevent pain. And our ActivSense technology regulates body temperature to keep you from getting hot while you sleep.

Better for the Planet

Sleep Natural beds are built with sustainable plant-based materials like natural latexes and wild-harvested bamboo, as well as foams that don’t put off gases that harm the ozone. You can rest easy knowing your Sleep Natural™ purchase is eco-friendly.

Better for Your Health

If you look at memory foam mattress history, many products have been found to contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, flame retardants and pesticides — all of which have been linked to cancer. Since Sleep Natural foams are CertiPUR-US certified, they don’t contain any of these. And while some mattresses harbor allergens that cause breathing problems and other potentially dangerous health issues, Sleep Natural beds are hypoallergenic and dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant.

Faithful Customers are a Big Part of Mark’s Mattress History

When Mark’s Mattress Outlet first opened in 2005, we couldn’t have imagined how far we’d go. Through customers who appreciated our brand name discounted mattresses and eventually those who purchased Sleep Natural beds, we’ve become one of the most trusted sources for affordable luxury mattresses. We want to thank those customers who have supported us, and we always look forward to meeting new customers who come in and see what we have to offer!

Take a look at our Sleep Natural products online, and visit any of our locations to find a natural bed that will transform the way you sleep!


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