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What is the Best TempurPedic Alternative?

It’s no surprise that when people begin shopping for a luxury memory foam mattress, TempurPedic is the first name that comes to mind. After all, it was the first brand to introduce memory foam in consumer beds after the product was so successful in the medical industry twenty-something years ago. But while there’s no doubt that TempurPedic still makes quality mattresses, other manufacturers are now offering memory foam mattresses at a fraction of the price that TempurPedic charges.

Finding that Better TempurPedic Alternative

If you’re looking to find the best TempurPedic alternative, let’s examine what it takes to make a quality memory foam mattress.

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Not All Memory Foam Mattresses Are Comfortable

Many consumers are interested in memory foam because of the way it conforms to the body and is proven to reduce pressure points. A lot of mattress companies have taken this into consideration and jumped on the memory foam bandwagon, but it’s important to realize that not all the products they’re making are the same. You have to ask questions like how breathable the cover fabric is, how the foam responds to body temperature, how soft or firm the mattress is, and how long it’s expected to last. You also have to consider how the mattress is constructed, layer-by-layer.

Memory foam allows your body to “melt” into the mattress, relieving pressure points which most innerspring mattresses can’t do. But without springs, it needs to have a very supportive base foam, so it doesn’t start to sag. And since memory foam absorbs body heat, it can make sleeping uncomfortable if you get too hot. The better brands of TempurPedic alternatives have a layer of latex and even cooling gels that make the temperature more neutral for a comfortable sleep.

Finally, the mattress cover should provide comfort as well. If the fabric covering all that foam retains a lot of moisture and is not breathable, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a memory foam mattress.

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Whether you prefer sleeping on your side, stomach or back, you can find the best alternative to a TempurPedic mattress at Mark’s Mattress Outlet. We are the exclusive carrier of the Sleep Natural™; a luxury line of memory foam mattresses created for our customers who requested a high-quality memory foam bed at an affordable price. Each Sleep Natural™ model has a durable latex core and is built with additional lumbar support, and is topped with comfort layers of luxury latex foam along with patented cooling gels that provide the coolest sleeping surface possible. All models are formulated from sustainable and rapidly renewable plant-based materials and covered with a soft, breathable bamboo cover not normally found with luxury latex mattresses.

If you want an eco-friendly memory foam mattress that can relieve joint pressure, properly align your spine, improve circulation, and even ease your breathing, you will love Sleep Natural™. Visit a Mark’s Mattress Outlet and experience one for yourself, so you can start getting the sound sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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