Marks Matress has several adjustable beds to meet your style and budget

Adjustable Bases

If you suffer from back pain, snoring problems, sleep apnea, or digestive issues, you know that getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. When accompanied with the right mattress, an adjustable base helps to provide better quality sleep by allowing you to lift the head or foot of the bed to a more comfortable position with the click of a button.

Mark’s Mattress Outlet is proud to offer our exclusive line of Sleep Natural™ Motion adjustable bases. Featuring three different models, our adjustable beds alleviate pain and help you breathe better, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.  Shop around and see why our Sleep Natural adjustable bases (and mattresses) offer the best overall value (way better than Tempur-Pedic).

Shop the Best Tempur-Pedic Alternative, Sleep Natural

Sleep Natural™ Gold Adjustable Base

Sleep Natural™ Silver II Adjustable Base

Sleep Natural™ Silver Adjustable Base

Sleep Natural™ Bronze Adjustable Base

Sleep Natural™ Elevations with Power Adjustable Base

Top Benefits of an Adjustable Base

  • Relieves Pain.  A flat mattress can put too much pressure on your spine and joints, causing you to wake up in pain. By raising the head of the bed to an incline position and raising the foot of the bed to allow the knees to bend, an adjustable base relieves a lot of that pressure for a more comfortable rest.
  • Opens the Airway.  Snoring and other breathing problems such as sleep apnea happen when the upper airway closes, often when lying down flat on your back. Elevating the upper body allows the airway to stay open, eliminating the vibrating sound that snoring makes and letting you breathe more easily throughout the night.
  • Reduces Heartburn.  When you lay flat, stomach acid is able to move back up into the esophagus causing indigestion. Sleeping in an adjustable bed keeps your upper body elevated so the acid can’t make its way back up.
  • Improves Circulation and Fluid Retention.  If you suffer from edema, circulatory problems or restless leg syndrome, sleeping with the legs and chest elevated helps encourage blood and fluid to travel through the body more naturally, reducing pain and discomfort often felt throughout the night.

Start Sleeping More Comfortably Tonight

Don’t keep waking up achy and groggy from tossing and turning all night. If your bed isn’t allowing you to get the sleep you need, visit any of our Mark’s Mattress Outlet stores to find out which of our adjustable bases is right for you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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